Monday, March 17, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

Someday I will have to face that this is our normal. Todd's grandpa died this weekend. He was old and ready and had been on hospice for a very long time! So when we got the call that he had passed on Thursday of last week, we weren't surprised, but still sad. After many long debates as how to handle this, we decided that Todd would take Lane and Ethan to Missouri and I would stay behind, work, and get ready for Easter which is at my house this year. We have annual dinner Thursday night, so I'll have to find decorations for that, and try very hard to have my house (which is infested with many many baby to be items) ready for a bazillion people...this sounds very negative but the truth is I truly enjoy hosting the family! The kids can relax at my house and just play and be kids because it's a kid friendly house and not everyone has a kid friendly house...or a place for the kids to even go! So my house makes sense and the only problem is that my g-ma can't really do stairs yet and my only two bathrooms are on the second floor or in the basement. I'm sure we'll figure it out but she' so weak right now...hmmm...this could be a dilemma!