Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Easter

Please know that Jesus died for me. I am a sinner. Every nail that was brutally forced through layers of skin, every drop of blood that fell, every tear shed, was for me. For sinners like me. For every soul willing to accept Jesus as their savior. He wept and hurt, he was betrayed and senselessly killed...all for the sinners...but even the power of man...of all men, can't keep Jesus down because 3 days later, Jesus rose into Heaven and now sits beside God, looking down lovingly saying "forgive them Father for they know not what they do"

Easter was particularly interesting this year. On Saturday, DH and I took the boys to an Easter Egg Hunt at the church (lots of fun and lots of eggs). Well at about 11 o'clock, my mom called Todd's phone and needed to talk to me, something was wrong with Grandma Sweet. Aunt Landa was taking her to the ER. After that, we went home and DH went to work at my great aunt's house. When I got home I realized I didn't have a house key so I took the boys to McD's for lunch...a good friend of mine just happened to have her family there, so we decided we would have an afternoon playdate until Todd was done working. Just as we were packing the kids into her car (they all wanted to ride together) Todd comes running in, something was SERIOUSLY wrong with grandma! So I gave Laura a crash course on diabetes thanked her, and headed to the hospital. Upon arrival we hear that we were so close to losing grandma that the social worker was calling the family in, but that after a few minutes/hours of treatments from several doctors, she had pulled through. Well last night at Bible study, B approached me and said
B: how was your weekend?
me: Horrible...maybe the worst so far...
B: I know...Saturday noon thru 5 o clock
me: yeah....were we on prayer chain?
B: I had the over whelming urge to call you, but thought you'd think me crazy, so I prayed for you, ten minutes later I got the same urge to pray....I ended up spending 5 hours praying for your family and at 5 o'clock I felt you were out of the woods.
me: I left the hospital at 5 on Saturday...(told the above story) THANK YOU!

B has only known me for a year or so but obviously has known God for a vey long time. God does not work in mysterious ways!