Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Wait Hasn't Even Started!

I have good friends...really good friends, that are always there for me. One of those really good friends asks really insensitive questions...she's usually very diplomatic and careful with what she says so these questions always catch me off guard. I'm an open book, I live my life very openly, if I haven't already told you what you want to know about me...ask, I'll tell you because that's what I poor children have NO secrets. So I'm also not it also catches me off guard that I'm holding onto these questions as insensitive. When Lane Michael was diagnosed with diabetes (type 1) my friend said 'he doesn't look over weight to me.' And I think I've a few people say things about just taking away all the candy and soda that I give him...these don't bother me...first of all my kids were never given candy, soda and sweets....second of all people just aren't informed about type 1 diabetes...I didn't do anything to bring this on....if I did his twin brother would have it too. So a few weeks ago I told my friend that we were pretty much done with the licensing and that we would be licensed within a month. She said to me 'do you have a baby picked out yet?' Once again, not terribly insensitive...just not an informed question...I guess I just expected more of her, as much as we talk and are together...just for reference people, we don't get to go to the orphange and pick a baby...not how it works! There is no Cabbage Patch nursery...there isn't even an online store, with babies just sitting in a wear house waiting to be ordered. And we haven't been our waiting hasn't even begun. But I'm ok with that! Because at home I have these to amazing and beautiful and fun little boys that I get to appreciate as my only children until we are called to come pick up our daughter...who will need lots of loving which will take away some of the time I spend loving on the boys now. But they're as excited about this as we are...I just hope they know what we're in for...then again, do I know what we're in for!


Sarah said...

Some people don't really think about what they are going to say before they say it. Good thing you can just shrug it off. Keep strong and the wait will be over before you know it and I'm sure the boys will love their little baby sister!!