Thursday, March 27, 2008

Feeling Better...

I am feeling better today! Things are getting better for all involved! A lot of it might have something to do with the beautiful flowers my good friend Sarah sent me (thank you!), some of it might have something to do with eating artichokes last night (YUM!) and some of it might have to do with the NEGATIVE pregnancy test I took last night....but mostly it's because my dad finally had a GOOD night! He was even feeling well enough to hold baby Sanoi! He still hurts but he's healthier! They found an infection yesterday and had to put a drain worked and today his body is less poisoned! And my Grandma Sweet is being moved to a really good nursing home's close to my work/home and I can visit lots and lots! Probably on my lunch for the most part, and lots of my family live close to Wapak, so we'll all be able to visit more often...I will not be able to visit today though because I have to buy my manicotti ingredients becuase last night it was decided that we would have a Schwieterman Family Fun Night at my house...I still don't have all the Easter mess cleaned up! Oops! LOL! At least Todd will be home tonight to help! He's so good to me!

In other news...My mom said something strange yesterday! She laughed when I said I was nauseous and said that my next set of twins would be even more different than the set I have now because they wouldn't even be biologically related...she didn't say we should stop the adoption....I thought she would be against having 2 more because we're so busy as it is...I wouldn't though be upset if we adopted 2....only because there will be about 4-6 years between the boys and Baby...that's a lot of age difference and it makes it hard for them to have anything in common with each other...on the other hand, 4 is A LOT of kids to keep up with, especially when one is Diabetic and we have no idea what Baby will bring...I've never had one baby...I'm not sure what to do with I'm excited to experience this...I'm really excited to watch the boys be big brothers! They're so excited about a little sister and they're getting to the age where they want to help and they're ready to not be my babies any more! Although Ethan says he'll always be my baby...Lane says 'well when I was a child, I wanted to be your baby, but now that I'm not a child, I don't want to be a baby.' LOL! It's funny to watch them grow at such different paces! I never thought being a mommy would be this much fun...and this HARD!


Sarah said...

I'm glad things are looking up for you! And I know what ya mean about the kids. Emma is so big and she will sit at the table and repeatidly say "I a big kid, I a big kid". It is so cute, but so true, it is sad at times. Keep me posted on everything!