Monday, March 3, 2008

nothin to say...

This feels like the day that refuses to end...I'm tired. Last night my sister finally called me after like 3 days of not having time to talk. She has a new baby (still in the NICU), three older boys and just went back to work...needless to say she's tight on time. So We finally got a chance to talk last 10:00, I was up at 4:30 to get Ethan to his bone scan by 6. So we got there and the paperwork wasn't filled out by the dr. right and so we couldn't do all of the we did the test that we could do (bone age scan) and at 7:30 headed back to Wapak for work. Over my lunch hour we had Kindergarten round up today, so I got that done, well because they didn't have all the info this morning, Ethan Lane and I will go to the hospital tonight after I get off work to finish the testing, after that we'll run to my parents house to have supper with them. I'll leave the boys there while I go to Bible study, head back to my parents house to get the boys, make the 20 minute trek home and finally my day will end. I'm exhausted and just want this day to take mercy on me and my headache. I'm not even sure why I have a hair isn't too long (the normal cause for my headaches) and I don't think I'm dehydrated, though always an option I guess. I would like to lay my head on my desk...just 10 more minutes Boss Man just 10 more minutes.