Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Vacation was AWESOME!!!

Ok, I will start with the bad news so that this post ends on a good note!

First we have my dad...the truly bad news. He was back in the hospital this week for treatment. He had two infections (UTI and staph - both pretty much cleared up), he had internal bleeding (we're working on this one), blood clots (will probably get worse) and to top it off they did a CT Scan on him and the results are's bad. very very very bad. It's always bad but this's bad. The doctor said that the cancer in his lungs has "profound growth" when talking about cancer profound growth are really bad words...really bad. They also found a mass surrounding his right kidney. He only has one kidney...once again, bad. So they are sending him home and we are going to can a turkey. He wants to teach me how to can before he dies, he wants to do pickles but we don't know that he'll live long enough for them to come in. My kids talk about my Dad in past tense. "He WAS a good Grandpa. He USED to play with me" "I miss him" It's very sad...yes I know they need counseling. I'm excited to can turkey this should be fun.

The baby we applied for has been adopted. We were never told that she had a family in the works. I'm very happy for her, every baby deserves a forever home and she found hers. My husband is angry that they let us think we were actually in the running. But alas she is gone and we are out.

Ok, onto the wonderful week of family togetherness! We started the week with a parade (family tradition) It was a lot of fun! We left right after the parade for Port Clinton where there is an African Safari...the boys LOVED it! Then we went swimming for a couple of hours, had dinner and went to bed. On Tuesday, we got up, ate breakfast and headed to Cedar was great! The boys loved the Kiddie Coaster (FYI Cedar Point has the biggest Kiddie Coaster in the Nation!) They had lots for everyone to do and even though it was 50 degrees, we had a great time! Wednesday Todd went golfing and I took the boys to play at this huge McDonalds, swimming and to get hair cuts (half of our vacation pictures have boys with long hair and half have boys with SHORT hair). Thursday we headed back to Cedar Point, the lines were longer because the weather was better but we still only waited 45 min max for a ride...that's really short (2-3 hours normally). Friday we went to Kalahari Water Park and it was awesome! Ethan was an inch too short for some of the rides which made him really sad but we made due with the 5 that he could go on safely! I went down a big slide and yelled up that it was too fast and too dark...I went up the three flights of stairs and as I stepped on the top step Ethan went down, I went flying back down to catch him and by the time I got down there, he was headed back up to go again because it was "so freakin awesome!!" So summary of vacation, I learned that I have big boys that I don't give enough credit or freedom...they are WAY more capable than I ever expected! It makes me so proud and sad that they're growing into such good little gentlemen! We even had someone at the Japanese Steak House comment on how well behaved they were! I love it when people (other than me) realize how good they are! People see them as one person (because they are twins) so it feels like they are twice as ornery as they are, so when they're good, it makes me remember that individually they are really good kids!


david santos said...

I loved this post and this blog.
Happy week

Sarah said...

Enjoy your canning, enjoy your dad. I know you don't want anyone to put pity on you or anything, but my heart truly does go out to you. I wish there was something I could do or say that would make a difference and make things better, but no matter what is said or done the situation still sucks, plain and simple.
As far as the vacation goes, I am so glad you guys had a blast. I know it sucks that the kids are getting bigger, but look at them, that is because of you. You have raised such great boys, they are the way they are because of you! You're a great mom!!