Monday, December 29, 2008

Babies Gender...

Todd is wavering...he's unsure, very unsure! He's afraid he'll slip up and tell. He's afraid I'll be disappointed if he spills the beans. But in reality, the only reason I'm not finding out the babies gender is because I think it's more fun this way! I'm not against finding out, and I certainly don't have a preference, I just think it's fun. If he does find out and accidentally slips, I'll be disappointed, but not upset, I may even act like I don't know at all! One solution would be to pick a gender and call the baby by that until he/she is born. We currently call him/her Baby AC-for Addison or Collin...him knowing, and me not knowing is a very involved process and will take lots of planning of many conversations and being super careful of who we tell...many people have decided to not find out if/when Todd does. My Mom wont be finding out because she can't keep a secret from me, my cousin Rebecca probably won't find out but might...she's a planner and likes to be in the 'know' I have friends who I suspect will want to know....if Todd knows that is! My cousin is in the process of adopting a baby (due in February) and they have been told boy all along (according to early gentic testing) but was recently told girl (per ultrasound) which is another reason that I'm hesitant to find out, so many people are told one thing in the beginning, they prepare for that gender, and have a completely different gender! I don't want to paint my beautiful pink nursery a neutral color and then wish I had my beautiful pink nursery back!

And in other news...Lane Michael got up yesterday for church and while Todd was shaving and I was bathing he made himself cereal! Crazy kid! He didn't test or measure but he didn't spill anything either! If he wasn't diabetic this would be great! It would be a huge milestone, but really it's just scary!! Ethan has been carrying a 4 ft dog (stuffed) everywhere he goes and thinks it's wonderful! Good job Santa! They have loved everything they got for Christmas! They have played with everything and have a great time! The lack of toys wasn't a big deal and they are so happy!


Becc said...

Good luck with all of that! My goodness! I couldn't do it! I HAD to know!
Hi! I'm Becc and I have been a Type 1 diabetic since I was 7 yrs old, I am now 37.
I too lost an infant son.
Just stopping by and glad that I did.

Jenna said...

I often wonder if I could wait until the birth to find out the sex of my baby... I am one of those people who always peeked at her Christmas presents when she was little!!!