Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I'm exhausted and we're in the first leg of a very long race!

Ethan has been having trouble with his teacher since the beginning. She is right, he does have a problem sitting still and he does struggle to stop talking. I know. If anyone knows, I know! I know that my child isn't perfect. So yesterday when she called to let me know that he was on black (had a horrible day) you can understand my concern. She explained to me that Ethan had behaved the exact same as he had the day before...except the day before he had been on yellow (an average day for Ethan). So if there's no consistency, how does he know what's acceptable and what isnt...if I don't understand, how can he. Then I found out that she told him (in front of everyone) that he was a naughty boy. twice. I don't ever call my children names or label them. Neither will she. I'm tired of this...I can't sit with him at school. At home, we back her up but also let her know that he is who he is and I refuse to change that. So at our meeting on Monday, I will request he be put in a different classroom. At first I wanted him to learn to deal with people, but if she as an adult hasn't mastered this skill, then maybe he isn't completely at fault!


Sarah said...

You go Lynne!! She should have never called him a naughty boy and especially in front of the whole class. Doesn't she know that as a teacher?? I would request a new teacher too. I'm sure there is a perfect teacher for him, one who knows how to keep his attention.