Tuesday, April 12, 2011

LIfe is Good

We spent the weekend at the lake house with our good friends. I love them dearly. 7 boys in one house is a lot but it's also a lot of fun! We played at the park, ate too much, rode the boat around, looked at houses, and just had a great time! I see life long friendships/bonds forming...weekends like this are what I remember as a kid...weekends in lake houses with cousins, driving boats, playing in water much too cold to play in, changing clothes between cars, and then heading home for a bbq with more family. The bbq was wonderful! My brother and his family came, Aunt Theresa came, Jack (mom's friend) and his daughter and her kids came...everyone had a great time (at least we did). It wasn't tense (thank you Aunt Theresa for providing that comfortable buffer for us). The boys have baseball practice tonight...we're all stoked! Things in Urbana have calmed down. Since I don't know how much I have told on my blog, I'll back up. My brother bought this cool, very expensive assault rifle (I know I shared that much), a few weeks back (mid-March) he and some friends were out shooting it. He missed the back stop and hit a neighbors barn. The neighbor reported him...and pressed charges. It could have been worse, he could have hit someone or an animal. So the sheriff came and took all the guns out of the house. Then he called the gas company and threatened to shoot the half full gas tank if they didn't come pick it up. The gas company called to report him to the sheriff, and now there will be more charges. Things. Got. Ugly. At any rate, there will be more charges filed. I will that's all I can offer.


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