Thursday, April 7, 2011

Random Stuff...

I started a diet this week....I'm easing into it gradually instead of going cold turkey....making small changes instead of anything drastic that will discourage me and then I'd give up. Actually these changes have made life easier and have all but eliminated my heart burn! The first thing I changed was breakfast...I didn't used to eat anything but decided that my body needed that fuel first thing in the morning, so now I either eat oatmeal or drink a carnation instant breakfast. I did not and will not give up my morning coffee (that's just a terrible idea). Then lunches changed, I started instead of eating left overs or making sandwiches or eating fast food, I've started making turkey burgers and's so good! I don't put butter on the cabbage and it's SO good! Even Todd likes the turkey burgers and cabbage for lunch...with just the right spices they turn out wonderful! For supper (since we had already started eating dinners that were healthier and made with more whole foods) we eat whatever is on the menu for the night. I have stopped eating any carbs after 7 and have given up soda...all easy changes, since the only things I've changed are actually eating breakfast, not drinking soda and making a yummy lunch. I know it may not make a difference in my weight but maybe I'll feel better. Also we finished the hard wood floors in the dining room...they're GORGEOUS! Boys have their first baseball practice tonight...we're all SO excited! Todd's student teaching is going so well that when the teacher's kid was sick (2 days) this week, Todd has been able to step up and take charge of the classroom. His advisor has been really impressed with his confidence, style, and the way he relates to students. SO proud of that man! and finally. We may be in a bidding war for our house. There are 3 other people interested. It may go to foreclosure. I can't change how much money we'll have available for the bidding war. I can't change if our house is sold by then. I can't change what those other people have available to them. All I can do is trust in God's plan. EDITED TO ADD A RECIPE FOR TURKEY BURGERS: I use the ground turkey in the frozen meats (in the tube), 1 lb makes 4 burgers, 2 is more than enough for my lunch. so combine: 1 lb ground turkey 1/4 c. oats 1 egg salt and pepper cummin (1/2 tsp) (Mom likes coriander seed, I like cummin, either way they're yummy) drop 4 burgers on an already hot skillet (I use my electric skillet). Fry em up and eat. After the burgers are on the grill, cut the cabbage and throw in with some water, simmer, add salt to taste.


Sarah said...

I know, as so do you, if it's God's plan for you to have that house, you will!!
Also, please elaborate on the turkey burgers and cabbage. A recipe please??? I need to eat healthy to get my energy level up too!!!