Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring Fun!

Do you want the good or the bad? Let's end on a good note so I'll throw the bad right in the middle!

My brother has been offered a job in Arizona! WONDERFUL news! We're waiting very impatiently for him to accept the offer...which he hasn't done yet. We're nervous he won't take the job and then won't be offered the job he's "hoping" for! EEK! We're very excited though that he's been offered this job!

Todd's brother (Mike) over the weekend, went numb from the chest down. They were hoping his meds were causing it. They weren't. He wasn't numb but was in fact paralyzed. He's currently in emergency surgery. We are praying. Todd wants to be there (Missouri). I was hoping to go over Memorial Day weekend. I don't know if we can wait that long. Next week starts his finals...I don't want him to miss class right before finals...I don't know how he'll concentrate on finals with Mike so sick, so many states away!

Easter was wonderful! Everyone was in a great mood yesterday! No fighting or bickering...just good family fun! Kids had a great time...behavior was good. So all over it was a great day! A great weekend really!

Getting excited for our first ball game tomorrow night! Our team color is red! Woot Woot! And we are playing other it's kind of like a traveling team! I love it! I love baseball! It's my favorite sport by far! LOVE IT! I just hope the boys all love it as much as Todd and I do!