Friday, April 22, 2011

Now My Hearts In It

*Ever notice that I take forever to make a point or tell a story?*

Ethan is very street smart. He "gets" things that he just shouldn't get yet...He reads people well, and isn't phase easily. But then, there are times, he's so deeply sensitive...because he gets it, he gets the effect things will have on his/our life. When my Dad died, Lane Michael (who loved my Dad dearly) didn't really understand...or care. But Ethan...Ethan fell hard. Losing my Dad hurt him in big ways. He doesn't "appear" to be my sensitive boy...but he is. Lane Michael wears his heart on his never wonder what he's feeling. But Ethan bottles it up and finally when you least expect it, all these emotions come spilling out.

Last night I had an evening meeting for work and Todd had class, so before my meeting, I drove the boys out to the H farm so they could hang until Mom got off work. L fed them dinner and turned them out to run. Mom picked them up there and took them back to her house, she and Jack (her boyfriend) were just sitting down to dinner, Ethan walked right past them, grabbed himself a plate, walked back and stood behind Jack. "I'm ready to eat" he said. So Jack uncovered the food, cut off a quarter of his baked potato, and a third of his corn, gave him a brat and gave his plate back. Ethan then sat down next to Jack and began eating. He yammered on and on about how this was just like having Granpa back *grin* the whole time Jack is asking Ethan to pull his plate closer so he doesn't make a mess...of course Ethan can't hear him and just keeps talking. Pretty soon Lane Michael got himself a plate and joined them. He of course agreed that this was just like having Granpa back. Ryan talks about Jack often (without being prompted). This is a huge deal...he barely talks about anyone...but anytime someone is smoking on TV, he talks about Jack and Granma "moking". Todd and I love Jack...we love who Mom is with him. I have to say...I'd be sad if this doesn't work. very sad.

Todd and I have even talked about the very real possibility that Ryan (and even the twins maybe) will decide to call him Granpa...and we're ok with that.


Sarah said...

How awesome is that!! I am so happy for your mom and so happy for you guys too!!

eyelift said...

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