Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Allowance and Chores

Last week Lane and Ethan started chores. They are to clean the basement (i.e. playroom) and their bedroom when/if asked, feed the dog and carry their own dishes to the sink. They also might be responsible for any variety of small tasks asked of them throughout the week. This is a huge help to me and is only costing me $4 a week ($2 per kid). They are LOVING it!! Lane will jump at the chance to earn his allowance...Ethan couldn't care less until he his told he won't be getting the money for that week. So far in the first two weeks of allowance I haven't had to:
feed the dog 6 times
carry little boy laundry to their bedroom from the basement 3 times
take out the trash
bring dinner dishes to the sink
put the soap in the dishwasher
clean the toys up in the basement and their bedroom 4 times
carry dirty laundry to the basement
or tell them twice to do anything...they do it immediately as long as I call it a chore. Life has been great!! Behavior has been good, they are excited about spending their two dollars and even more than that, they're excited about saving it! This is a huge step because my children need to learn to save money...all children do but their Dad is really bad at money decisions so I'm hoping to teach them to save and to use it wisely...I want them to have a good work ethic, I want them to continually work and know that they aren't above any job, as long as they are supporting their family. I am not above any job. This is a problem I have with people in my line of work. My clients feel they are above certain jobs...this is not so mind you. If I was in a situation where I could not pay my bills, I would work any job until I found myself something I'm more suited for. OK I'm off topic. But the point of this children are no longer free loading!! WOOHOO!! They are earning their keep at five...I have good kids and I pray that someday they will be good men and good daddies and good husbands.