Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Ethan told his first premeditated lie yesterday morning!! I was shocked and (don't judge me) PROUD! Ethan NEVER thinks ahead EVER! He flies by the seat of his pants so when he showed the ability to think up a plan and execute the plan, I was really proud of him! He wanted to take a toy to school yesterday and it's against the rules to take toys to school because they get lost/stolen or fought over and the school has plenty of toys to play with there so he knew the rule and asked to leave the toy in my van, that's always our compromise. So when he got to the van he had his back pack but no toy.
Me: Ethan, where is your toy
Ethan: I must have left it in the house
Me: Are you sure? I thought I saw it with you when you left the house. Did you leave it in the grass?
Ethan: Maybe, I really don't know
Me: We'll have to find it when we get home.
Ethan: I will
Me: Ethan, what's that bulge in your book bag?
Ethan: what bulge?
Me: the one shaped like your toy...
Ethan: *begin mad/sad WAILING now*

I was so proud that I couldn't punish him on the spot! This took lots of guts and lots of planning for him! What a good boy I have!


Sarah said...

The next fun stage begins!! lol Boys will be boys, heck kids will be kids. lol