Monday, August 25, 2008

First Days of School...

I would be ok with it...if they were just a little sad to be going, if just for an instant they would look back, but no. They got on the bus and headed off to school to be big kids. They came home talking like big kids, about big kid stuff, and about friends that I dont know! grrr. I have pictures but I can't stand to have them developed, because they're of the first day of kindergarten. Of real school, of the first day that my boys went to school. I'm not sad, I'm encouraged by the fact that they didn't look back but then someone said "well, as soon as they go to kindergarten, they might as well be in middle school, it just goes that fast" Thanks. Just what I wanted to hear. Excuse me while I throw a temper tantrum. But the important part is that they are doing well and love thier teachers and new friends, they eat in the cafeteria, and play on the school playground. They are big boys...forever. But rest assured, every night at bed time, they snuggle in and sleep like my babies.