Thursday, August 7, 2008

I Talked To My Endocrinologist...

I had some questions about pregnancy (and the baby) for my endo, so I called him, got through and he was great about answering everything! Here's a run down of the conversation:

Me: Hey Endo, I have some questions for you about my thyroid, my weight and a pregnancy.

Endo: Ok, Shoot.

Me: I'm over weight and can't seem to lose it...what am I doing wrong?

Endo: You need a new exercise plan and I will set up a meeting for the dietitian on September 2nd to see you here in the office to tell you what you're doing wrong.

Me: Great, should I switch to a more natural thyroid replacement?

Endo: No, natural meds need adjusted all the time (especially at your age) and if ANYTHING changes, it will, exercise, weight, birth control...anything.

Me: Cool, I want to get often will I need to see you?

Endo: When do you want to get pregnant?

Me: February - ish

Endo: Ok, I'll see you in September (check your blood) and again in January (blood check). Then as soon as you're pregnant, I'll check you once every 4 weeks for 12 weeks, after that the baby will supply their own hormones.

Me: Alright, would I be considered high risk?

Endo: no

Me: Great! Love it! Is there an OB you suggest?

Endo: Alliance

Me: I've already been in contact with do I go about taking my vitamins, folic acid and iron?

Endo: at night, since you take your synthroid in the morning...that way they won't interfere with one another.

Me: Not a problem, last question...what are my chances of carrying a baby full term healthy, mentally and physically?

Endo: 99%

You have no idea what a relief that was to brings tears just typing it! I'm so glad I called him...he was wonderful and really put my mind and heart at ease! This time next year, I might be pregnant. I can't take my mind off of baby...names, gender (I'm hoping not to find out and Todd is insisting- we have everything for either gender). I have a friend who's trying to get pregnant right now and we were talking the other day about how tired we are of people asking if we want a girl...I would love a girl and that's what we're trying to adopt but really we just want the baby that's perfect for our family...and above all else, God to be ever present in our lives, his will to be done, and for our children grow up to have a personal relationship with their savior Jesus Christ.


Sarah said...

Yea Lynne!! I am so glad that everything went great with the endrocrinologist!!! I am so incredibly happy for you!!!