Thursday, August 7, 2008

Schwieterman Family Fun Night

Tonight is Schwieterman family fun night, I don't know if I want to go...usually it's at my house but this week it's at my cousins house...I can't have it any more because my grandma can't go upstairs for the bathroom and both our bathrooms are up or down my mom, my cousin, my three aunts and another cousin can have it...but I (the only one with a truly kid proof house) can't have it. my "other" cousin has a pit bull and I won't let my kids near a pit bull. The boys play rough with our dog and my cousin is teaching this one to be mean. It bites her daughter. Lane was bit by my sisters dog (he didn't do ANYTHING) and she didn't do anything about it...she didn't even put it outside...we don't go there any more. If I have guests, I put my dog away because he's big and rowdy...So if it's at Lisa's, I can't take my one else has a kid proof I guess it'll have to be at my mom's house. We all take turns making dinner so at least the host doesn't have to cook....I'm excited to go since I'll probably get a hair cut first...which I'm very excited about! I love hair cut day. I usually feel great afterwards!