Monday, August 11, 2008

I'm Exhausted!

Friday night DH and I went on our first date since March's been awhile! So we headed to a comedy club in Dayton and had a great time! We didn't get to bed until well after two and were up to go back to school shopping with the boys bright and early. First stop of JC Pen*ney, we got them each 7 shirts, and one pair of jeans...I bought lots of jeans at the beginning of summer when they were buy one get one for $1. Then we headed to Lids to get them each the much coveted Ohio State hats (very cute), Old N*avy for another shirt, and then we started shoe shopping...we went to JC Pen*ney, M*acy's, Fi*nish Line, Fo*ot Locker, K*ohls, and finally at Sh*oe Carnival we found two pairs of shoes that are acceptable...there's one brand of shoe that I have particularly bad luck with and tried my hardest to avoid but that's all anyone seems to carry in velcro...Lane ended up with that brand and Ethan with Ni*ke...he loves them, they are adorable! So at 4 we finally headed to the Housers where we stayed all night. They put in a guest room for a couple of friends that were supposed to come to town that night but in the end couldn't make it, so we stayed but the kids didn't sleep well, so we didn't sleep well. Then after church on Sunday we had a ball game...after that we went home, I did some laundry and dishes while the kids napped and Todd took it easy, then it was back out to my Mom and Dad's house to hang out and have dinner with my sister and her four was all going fine until DH and her had words, then we left. Ugh...I think she just wants to be mad and needs targets because she doesn't like any of her in-laws...her words, not mine. whatever. After that, Ethan and I went to the grocery and it took forever...we got home at 10:45 but Todd forgot to get Lane snack, so I still had to get Lane a snack, put groceries away and when I went down to do laundry he had forgotten to turn the dryer on, so I started it, and didn't get any laundry finally at 11:45 I climbed into bed, exhausted and unable to sleep.

On a side note, Ican't give any details, but my neice, Allie, really needs prayers, long term, hard core prayers. Life is about to get harder for her, and she's had a hard life already. Please pray.