Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Lane's EKG is...

NORMAL!! YIPPEE!!! Lane, my Mom and I went to Dayton Children's yesterday and had his EKG done...the doctor said that she can't hear or see anything that isn't perfect! They did send a heart monitor home with us for one month hopefully if he's going to have anymore episodes, they'll happen while we have the monitor. But the best situation would be if he didn't have any more at all...ever! The poor little guy could use a break. When the doctor was checking Lane she asked how many times a day he checks his sugar and he said "I check when I feel bad, when mommy tells me and before I eat...but only until the find a cure for me." It broke my heart and makes me so proud of my strong little man and the faith he has that they will cure him. That God will guide the doctors and researchers lives and minds to find a cure that gives glory to him. The other day Ethan was getting the mail with my Mom and she got a check to send to the American Diabetes Association, he said "are we rich?" Mom said "No, this is money that we'll send to the Diabetes Association to help find a cure" Ethan said "DID YOU HEAR THAT LANE? YOU'RE GOING TO BE CURED!!" He grabbed him and hugged him, jumping up and down yelling "YOU GOING TO BE CURED, YOU GOING TO BE CURED!!" He was so sure that with that check, we would be rich enough to cure Lane. He was so excited and even after we explained everything to him, he still goes to the store and looks at all the stuff we'll buy when Lane is cured (little does he know, our eating habits won't change when Lane is cured). It's only a matter of time, I have faith!


Sarah said...

Kids are great!