Thursday, April 30, 2009

Still No Results....

On Friday Lane Michael had his stomach was very scary and as a Mommy I would never want to send either of my children thru that ever again....that being said, I'm glad we did it. When we arrived they took us back to pre-op and we waited what seemed like FOREVER, finally they got the IV started and whisked him away. An hour later he came back, he woke up from the anesthesia and was feeling pretty good....really grumpy but good nonetheless....the doctor then came in to tell us what they'd found...his esophagus looked great! the lining of his stomach was decent but the lining of his small intestine was gone. There were no lesions but there was no lining either, veins were sitting on the surface and it was irritated, so they took the biopsy and said that there's a 90-95% chance he has word yet on the results but we've started the diet at home and we're actually enjoying it....the rice pancakes last night were SUPER yummy! I'm shocked at all the things that we have to change, even our cooking oil! But I'm not scared like I was, my Mom and my cousin C is changing her family over to this diet for convenience and because it's just healthier! My mom and I wanted to do this last summer after my Dad passed but for some reason we just never did, now we will....the hardest part about the biopsy was hearing the gravity of the situation. the doctor explained to us that if we didn't put him on this diet it will cause cancer in his stomach and small intestine....I can eat gluten free to keep from causing cancer in my little boy!