Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Waves of Change!

With Kindergarten came lots of kids learned to dislike veggies, learned to say horrible things (little boy horrible but still horrible), and have learned of all the things in the world that they aren't getting! Ethan learned that other kids have video games that they're allowed to play at leisure (not the case at our house), that other families don't go to church (not something I was ready to explain) and that life isn't fair! (teeheehee) Lane learned many of the same things but what he really learned is that other families eat candy and sweets....that dessert is often a staple after dinner and that he was missing this year, things will change...I've stuck to my guns for as long as I can....but in trying to keep our family life as normal as possible, I'll be putting a small amount of candy in the Easter Baskets this year (go ahead, get the shock and awe out of your system)...done? Good....SO....what kind of candy do you put in an Easter basket anyway? My kids by so little candy that I dont have a CLUE what kind of candy they like....I don't know if one likes chocolate and the other starbursts? I just don't know....I have the logistics of dividing the candy up all figured out and how they will get a peice after dinner and all that but really....I wonder what they like....hmmm....I may have to do some research!


Sarah said...

My favorite is the reese eggs. YUM!!! Emma just likes candy, period! It doesn't matter what, just candy. lol