Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tubes, Adenoids and and Ultrasound, all in one day!

Yesterday was the busiest day we've had in a very long time! Todd got up at 11:45 pm to go to work, was home by 7:30 to get Ethan to the Hospital by 8:30 to have his adenoids taken out and tubes put 9:30 the wheeled him into surgery and at 10:34 I had news that he was out, feeling groggy but good! The Dr. told Todd that Ethan could resume eating and activity as tolerated (returning to school on next Monday), so Todd offered Ethan a Happy Meal, Ethan said "no thanks, I just want Lane" it was the sweetest thing I've ever heard in my whole life! After that he decided he would like some spaghetti and meatballs but then changed his mind and took the Happy Meal with a milk assured he got spaghetti for supper last night!

Then at 3:15 I left the office to pick up Lane, and head to Lima to meet Ethan and Todd for my ultrasound. They took us back rather quickly, I hopped up on the table and after finding the initial heartbeat the tech turned the screen slightly towards Todd and the boys (I didn't see anything), she found the measurements she needed, checked the umbilical cord and as Todd asked questions she would show him different things....I still couldn't see. At one point I wiggled so that I could see but it was too uncomfortable so I would just look up when she mentioned something interesting...I got to see one face shot, and we got a great look at one foot (5 toes and all), then as she was looking around I happened to look up and in trying to see what I was looking at, I realized, I was looking at the gender....dang it, I didn't' want to know....I'm only 80% sure but that leaves about 20% doubt....only because once I realized what I was looking at I looked away and didn't look back...this just adds to the excitement though! After that Todd got a piece of paper that was taped shut with the gender written inside...I don't think he's peaked at it yet but we'll see....and we left....with no pictures in hand! *sigh* that makes me sad. But Baby AC is measuring 10 days ahead of schedule and looks very healthy, she said he probably weighs about 1 lb 8 sweet big baby!


Sarah said...

Ummm, you just said he in your blog. So does that mean you are 80% that it is a boy??

Lyn said...

Maybe....or maybe Todd and I decided to call the baby he since Todd could very easily slip up and start calling the baby by his gender....I really am unsure and I was more sure during the ultrasound than I am now...I'm starting to waiver on what I saw!