Tuesday, April 22, 2008

African Childrens Choir and a day at home!

This Saturday we had the African Children's Choir in town, Todd and I hosted 3 of the children, Edgar, Ephraim and Joseph. They were incredible! The boys are good kids with more manners than I've ever seen in anyone, and more appreciation for simple things than I could shake a stick at. I was talking to one of the chaperone's and we were asking questions about the kids, he said that one of the boys lives with an aunt, and her children, it's five people in their home which is a one room hut, smaller than our kitchen! WOW! It must be overwhelming to come to the US at such a young age and see so many new things, and experience all of this, the boys were 8,8, and 10 years old...but all of them were old souls!! They took to us quickly and hugged us often!

On Monday, I felt that I hadn't seen my boys in so long that we took the day off! I called in a comp day and the boys stayed home from school! We watched cartoons, rode the 4-wheeler and played outside, went to visit my mom and dad but just had an especially good day. I told Ethan it was his special day and we could eat where ever he wanted to eat, do what he wanted to do and play what he wanted to play. It was good for him to have that kind of attention. As the brother of a diabetic, sometimes Ethan gets jipped on attention. Lane requires so much, and Ethan is a naturally easy kid to raise, those two things make for a bad combination when we're trying to give him the attention he will get easier as time goes on, and days like this will help. I hope someday my kids know just how special I think they are!

That being said, I also realized this weekend that no matter what job I hold or what position it is (low man on the to tum pole or head honcho) my job will always come before my family. It doesn't matter if I'm a bank teller, a service officer, a waitress or a doctor...I will never be able to put things in their rightful more thing to take into consideration in my job decision!