Friday, April 11, 2008

Lunch with a Friend

I love lunch with a hour to retreat and talk about the issues and non-issues of life! I love that about Kelly! She's a friend that I can always count on for good insight and a second opinion...she and I logic alike...we are a lot alike...for the most part...I'm dominant in my marriage, and she's passive. I make the decisions, where she has more of a 50-50 with her hubby. So as much as we think alike, I was concerned what she would think of my "stay at home mom" idea...I was nervous to bring it up so I e-mailed her to get her insight, she wrote back saying this was too big to talk about over a broken conversation of e-mails that could be mis-read, so she asked me to lunch. Today at lunch I became immediately (inwardly) defensive thinking of all the arguments for S.A.H.M. that I've been going over in my head, and to my WONDERFUL surprise, she said it's sounds like a great idea...well thought out and her only concern is my sanity! I'm so excited...either people have figured out that I am going to do whatever I want no matter what they have to say or they truly support me! I opt to believe they truly support me! I have met very little confrontation when I talk about being a SAHM which I didn't mom was/is a SAHM and quite frankly my generation needs somewhere the kids can go in a pinch...I want to be that person...I'm the only one with the flexibility and the desire not to mention I'm the one most people will trust with the kids...or feel comfortable enough to ask to take them...I think it's because I'm a people pleas er...yes I admit it! So then I asked how her family was and she has a S-I-L who I have never felt liked me or I was jealous of...I never felt like I could compare to her, well Kelly said that while she loves her nieces and nephews, she's discovered they are TERRIBLE! They can't behave and refuse to listen! Kelly said that no matter how active (hyperactive) my boys are, they're still good boys and they still listen...I know that I have good kids but I can never tell if other people know it...because they're twins I think people just lump them together and all they see are two little boys being mischievous! I'm glad to know that other people see my kids the same way that I do! I know that people love them but I can never tell who can handle the constant busy-ness that is my boys! I love it!


Sarah said...

You sound exactly like me when I was trying to decide if I could be a SAHM or not. I was a complete nervous wreck about it all, grant it I have my unemployment, but it's not tons. It was like I was trying to find the catch, but there isn't one! I'll think it'll all work out great, besides I might need someone to watch Emma when I go in to have Chase. lol You free? lol