Sunday, April 27, 2008

Ok, We May Be Ready

I don't have a nursery painted or set up but I had my neice, Sanoi last night and we did fine. I think we have everything we could need for a baby. My cousin is done with one of her cribs and will be sending it our way. We bought a dresser over the weekend at a garage sale, we'll have to sand, and paint it but that's no big deal, we have a changing table, a rocking chair, blankets and clothes...if we get a child over 9 mos we'll have to do some clothes shopping but other than that we should be golden! We have spoons, and diapers, a swing and a bouncy seat. So all in all I think we're good. The one thing I should do it get my clothes out of her closet. I'm a closet hound! In our farm house (sold a year ago) the master bed room had two walk in closets and I used one and a half of those, plus the wardrobe on the stairs! I don't even have that many clothes!


Sarah said...

Don't go buying clothes, I have a crap load. I have another ultrasound Tuesday, I will have them make sure it is a boy and then you can have at it for the clothes!! Trust me, you won't have to buy anything, you will have more than enough to clothe your little girl and then some. lol