Thursday, April 17, 2008

Diabetes Sucks...

Lane's last A1C was high so the doctor was super careful to go over EVERYTHING for his care. I get the care, I'm good at it, but I don't make changes to anything without her I have to now not only track carbs but also calories. Yep, as if I don't have enough to do already! Every meal takes the normal prep time plus an extra 20 minutes just to count now it will take even LONGER! yuck. I don't mind diabetes, it's a diagnosis that allows life to go on as normal for the most part, and Lane is good at getting shots and being careful with his diabetes but counting calories stinks...I'm not bitter about diabetes...I'm just upset that now we also have to figure calories...I guess we were supposed to all along but there is so much to learn in that first week that I guess I neglected that part...oops! The doctor was unusually sweet today to Lane and to me...she's usually good with her patients but comes off mean and intimidating to the care takers...I think it's that I'm finally starting to understand her when she talks. Which is good because with something this important, I don't want to misunderstand her! She said that my meals look fine, but he needs more fatty foods...which is opposite of everything we're ever told for a normal person, we should all keep our calories to a minimum...he needs more calories...more butter, meat and mayonaise (the good calories). This is hard...and time consuming! But man, he's worth every minute!! I fear the day he wants to take over his own care...I will never be ready to relinquish that control! I know that it's so far in the future but he's already doing all his own testing, which means it won't be long until he's doing his own shots! Imagine as a normal parent, letting your six year old give themselves shots...that's what we're looking at! By at least 7 he has to be doing his own shots when he's with us. I don't think at school they're allowed to do their own shots, but when we have him, he has to be learing this stuff! The way I see it, he's going to have to do this forever, so why should I make him do it now...he has a lifetime to do it...unless they find a cure.


Sarah said...

I feel for ya! Counting carbs does suck, but now calories. Holy cow, that is crazy!! But you're right, he is so worth it. I was just thinking about you guys today and wondered when he will start giving his own shots. That is so weird that you post about now. What a tuff little guy and what a great mom!! You guys are my inspiration!!