Wednesday, August 13, 2008

To Hold On For Just 1 More Year...

My boys need school supplies. Winter clothes is something I've always needed to purchase, but school supplies...that's a whole new ball game. I'm not ready to have big boys...don't get me wrong, I love having big independent, communication savvy, boys, but if just for one more year, they could be little boys...that would be ok. But I won't get one more year, no, I will get until next Thursday, when they will officially start kindergarten, full time forever. And that is the beginning of their school career. I am so excited for them. It doesn't get more exciting than this and every kid goes through this...but this is a first for me. I look at my friends little ones, and must admit, I don't envy that stage, This is my favorite age...every age so far has been. I love them the most at this moment...but two year ago, I loved them the most at that moment...I love them less today than I will tomorrow, but more than I did yesterday. I worry about them, I want them to be good boys, not get into trouble, and have lots of friends, but most importantly I want them to be successful. I have very individual and unique concerns for each of my boys, but concerns none the less. DH thinks I'm worrying too much...he's probably right.