Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Going Camping

We are looking for someplace to go camping in July...but we're very picky! We have a list of requirements that this place has to meet before we'll agree to stay there! The list is as follows:
1. loads of fun
2. not too close to home (Lima, Ohio area)
3. not crowded (we don't do well with crowds)
4. not too camp-groundish
5. someplace to swim and fish
6. takes campers
7. allows fire rings

There's more...I'm sure, but this is what I can think of. We would like this camp-ground to be in one of the following states:
1. Indiana
2. Michigan
3. Ohio
4. Pennsalvania
5. Kentucky

This area...I think we should go to Missouri where Todd's Dad lives and camp in his woods...they have a HUGE pond in the middle of a large forest...but the drive is just too far!


Marthavmuffin said...

OH you are so lucky...I grew up in Michigan and there are loads of good campgrounds there. Island Lake near Brighton was a lot of fun as I recall. I am not sure what it is like now, but back then they had a great lake and also a gravel pit, but they may have closed that off. IF you go to the upper part of the lower pennisula there are great parks along Lake Michigan which we really enjoyed, one near Central Lake was so nice, sorry can't think of the name. Down here in Florida I would never think of camping in the summer, its just too darn hot...even at night. Last night it was a relatively cool night- it went down to 81 at midnight.