Thursday, June 5, 2008

To Send Them or Not To Send Them...

I am a gut instinct kind of Mom...Every decision I've ever made regarding my children has been made on what I feel is right for them...I think I've used up my supply for the fiscal year already. We are debating on whether we should send our children to Kindergarten this year (they turned 5 in January) or to wait a year and send them at 6. I know that some teachers say to wait the extra year, but my DH wants to send them...I don't have an opinion yet. My gut is silent resting from all of the over-exhausting decisions it has obviously been making over the last 6 months or so. So, I come here today to do a Pro Con's what I do when the gut is on strike. So here goes

PRO for sending them
they will stay with thier friends
they know the information needed for kindergarten
money (we spend a house payment on childcare each month)
they may do well and blossom
doctor says to send them
they want to go
Lane is bored out of his mind in pre-school
Diabetic Aide
Kindergarten teacher with diabetes
504 plan will protect Lane's best interest
DH wants them to go
school offers Transitional first if they can't make it
if they don't go and get held back a second time then they are two years behind thier age group

CON for sending them
they may fall on their faces and be held back (harder than holding back this year)
preschool teacher doesn't think they'll be able to keep up next year
Ethan won't sit still
Ethan is significantly smaller than the other kids in his class
they are immature for thier age
Lane's diabetes still causes melt downs (full out temper tantrums)

Ok, so in the end, my pros list outweighs my cons list...we have all summer to work with them and try to get this resolved...DH is pretty insistent on this and in the end he has final say so...I just want whatever's right for the boys...I just don't understand why I don't have a gut feeling for this!! I'm hoping that kindergarten round up will give us a better feel for what decision we will make...I'm hoping Todd will go with me that day...*sigh* I love being a Mommy and I'm usually very intune to my kids needs but I just can't get a read for this one...I'm sure when the time comes I'll know what to do...otherwise it's back to the Pro/Con list...


Sarah said...

Good luck with this one, I'll probably be in the same boat when Emma is old enough since her bday is in January too.

Lyn said...

She'll be ready! She's got great language skills and January b-day is actally an advantage, Summer b-day are harder! Besides, she's very mature for her age!