Thursday, June 26, 2008

This week will get better...or not.

OK, so after Lane's seizure we've all been a little on edge and quite frankly, I'm exhausted. So we had the EEG done Wednesday morning and it went well, we should get the results from it within one week. It seems like a long wait but it has to go to a pediatric neurologist and I feel in my gut that he's fine. I just have a feeling that we're going to be OK...I almost have a weird peace about it. I'm OK. Does that make sense?

Tuesday afternoon, I was the only one working the office and was in the middle of an appointment with a very patient client when the pre-school called...Ethan tried to get a drink and hit the fountain full out, no catching himself and probably needed stitches, so I went down and it was deep but the bleeding had stopped so I didn't take him with me. Todd picked him up an hour later and took him to the doctor...he didn't need stitches but if he does it again before the first one heals, then he will...this sounds weird but Ethan has no fear so this kind of stuff happens to him a lot!

Wednesday afternoon my dad went to the ER because he was vomiting toe nails...not a good sign. So they did a CT scan and he has some blockage but I haven't really been able to talk to my mom a whole lot but she's a little weepy which is really unusual for my mom...we aren't criers and we're pretty tough skinned, so it kind of got to me when she cried...turns out they did a living will with my dad support and resuscitation...the whole bit. So I didn't ask questions but I was really struggling with it, so I called my Aunt Landa to see if she knew anything that my mom wasn't telling me and she said that her friends brother was given a month back over Memorial Day and he just died and had fewer kinds of cancer than my dad has...but she didn't know anything, so she just called back and said that this is actually standard procedure and may be should have been done well before now. That makes me feel better and I feel horrible for attacking my aunt with those questions at work but I needed to know. She has been a rock for my mom and her daughter has been a rock for me. God bless them for loving us.

On a better note, we weathered the tornado well. Ethan and Lane camped in the tent in the basement with Todd and I on an air mattress...we love having a finished basement...we felt so safe last night and Ethan didn't need to cry through the night because there was no window to be afraid of. We ate ice cream and watched Homeward Bound, it was a great evening and a much needed family night!

Today Todd called his parents to tell them about Lane's seizure and was told that his Dad's MS is so aggressive that he had to stop working. Todd is worried and scared and we aren't sure what to do. They live 8 hours away and we would love to go see them but I really can't leave my dad either...I know that I'm being selfish by not rushing him there but Dennis is in no immediate danger, I have a three day weekend in September so we may take a quick trip to Missouri then. It's hard to know when it is safe to leave Ohio.


Sarah said...

Oh Lynne, things have to get better, they just have to! Gut feeling can tell a lot, so I'm sure Lane is ok too. As far as Ethan, those boys, well heck Emma is prone to accidents too. I swear there is nothing we can do about that one. I wish things were better for your dad, but it is just the curse of cancer. He is obviously a fighter, which is no surprise, b/c you are too. And you're not being selfish not to be rushing down to the inlaws, I wouldn't want to leave my dad at a time like this either. Hang in there, like you have been. Just remember I'm here for ya!! Whatever you need, nothing is too small or too big, I'll help out in anyway!!