Friday, June 6, 2008


My friend, Sarah (see link on right side) told me months ago that I could have first pick of her baby girl clothes before they went on her garage sale...I told her to price them and call me as soon as she was ready for me to go through them...she's 8 months pregnant (and looking fabulous) with a 2 year old to chase, and still took the time last night to sit with me while I went through all of her SUPER CUTE, WELL CARED FOR lil girl wardrobe...she had clothes with tags, most of it was Tommy, Ralph Lauren and a few other big names! These clothes are SUPER CUTE! So we spent two hours going through clothes...and I didn't even look at anything under 12 mos.!! So when we loaded the 5 boxes, the garbage bad, and the grocery sack of clothes, socks, shoes and tights into my van, I asked what I could pay her. She said that this is what she wanted to do for me...WOW!!! She's amazing!! We've been good friends for a long time and I hope she knows how much I appreciate her friendship and of course her generosity...she said that so much of it was given to her...but seriously she could have had a garage sale and just let me go through and buy the stuff but I of course prefer this route!! Thanks Sarah! By the way, Emma steals my heart every time I see her!


Marthavmuffin said...

That was so nice of your friend to give you all those clothes, but go out looking at garage sales, thrift stores etc...little girls clothes are everywhere and so much fun to shop for.

OH and I grew up in MIchigan and really miss having Cedar Point close by, your trip sounded fun, even the 50 degrees weather!

Sarah said...

It was no problem. I'm just glad I can finally help you out!!