Thursday, September 4, 2008

Got The Go Ahead!

Last night my doctor's office called me and said that my hormone levels have improved, and that I now have the go ahead to get pregnant! So I sat down with my boss and asked him when it would be a good time for me to take maternity leave, assuming of course I get a say in the matter...Todd and I would like a fall baby...after September but before we're working with a limited window...of course we'll take anytime but that's the window we're looking at. So, we're looking at getting pregnant in January or February...we might try for March but we'll see how things work out! I don't think we'll get pregnant on the first try so we might go without protection in December...but we're also SUPER fertile...I don't think we got pregnant on the first try with Braden, but this time I'll know more because I will have to track everything all the time so that my thyroid levels can be checked IMMEDIATELY! So I'll have to know as soon as possible if I'm pregnant...this is scary...If we don't get tested soon enough, we run the risk of losing the baby or having brain damage. I've started my prenatals and folic acid...but I'm not great about taking it yet...


Sarah said...

Good Luck!! I hope ya get pregnant fast!!! As crazy as it is, I've never seen ya prego!!