Thursday, September 11, 2008

True Love...

I know that I don't speak of my job often, but it really is one of my true loves in life. I love what I do, the people I work with, and even my office. I work as an advocate for veterans, fighting to get veterans the maximum benefits they have EARNED through the's a constant battle with someone, for someone. I believe in what I do. Some of our service members come home beaten, some broken and others don't come home at all...that's when I'm fighting with/for a widow. Whether my client is 22 with a little one at home or 84 with grown children, they're MY clients and I love them. Their drama entertains me, their stories shock me, but their lives affect me. I've been lied to, threatened, cussed at and hugged. People who need an ear come and sit in my office for hours on end. I work and they talk. Each of my clients is more than a number, they're a person with a family, with responsibilities and a need. When they leave my office, I know them. I meet their children, get colored pictures from the kids, invited to family BBQs and sometimes take care of their children as they come home as veterans. They've made me a part of the community, and I love it. I've been offered a few jobs since I took them, big jobs, presitious with good benefits and pay. But this is my true love. My job, my community, my veterans.