Monday, September 8, 2008


When I was a kid, my favorite holiday was Halloween...there were costumes and haunted houses, but the candy, oh the candy!! It was wonderful! All my cousins would go trick-or-treating with us, Lisa, Leah, Scott, Jim, Rebecca, Tim and of course my brother Lou. We would all get dressed up, and go trick or treating in at least two towns. Buckland and Cridersville, sometimes Lima. We were loaded with enough candy to get us through until Christmas! Yum! Then when I was too old to go trick-or-treating, I was in charge of taking my little cousins and her friends, it was fun and I got to continue "trick-or-treating." Then when I had kids, it was never more fun! For the boys first Halloween, the boys were 9 months, my cousin Rebecca and I made their costumes, Lane was a race car driver (he was wearing a helmet to correct the shape of his skull at the time), and Ethan was a clown...we didn't go trick-or-treating in towns but we went to each of my families houses, we got things like toys, bananas and "Sm0re" ornaments (Sm0res that are dressed up in costumes). The next year my Aunt Luann had a Halloween party for all the kids in the family, so the boys went trick-or-treating for the first time in Cridersville, Lane was a horse and Ethan a lion. They were TOO CUTE!! The next year was the Harry Potter craze! Lane was Ron and Ethan was Harry, my Mom made the scarves, Todd the wands and I made their robes. They were adorable and shockingly recognizable! Then next year Lane was Batman and Ethan was Spiderman, again cute. We went trick-or-treating with Rachel (my best friend of high school) on the 28th in Spencerville and were scheduled to go trick-or-treating and to another of Aunt Luann's Halloween parties on the 30th. but on the 29th, Todd took Lane to the doctors. I sent them that morning with strict instructions to have him checked for Diabetes, upon being tested Lane was whisked to the hospital for blood sugar levels of 700!! Normal is between 70-120. Lane was 3 years and 9 mos the day he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. My baby laid in a bed for 7 days, trying to get stabilized...he missed the Halloween party and Halloween hasn't been fun since then. Last year Lane went trick-or-treating and at the end of the night my Aunt Luann traded him all of his candy for toys, and a game. He is loved. But Halloween still sucks. He eats one piece of candy. This year we are Walking for a Cure on October 4th. We will be sponsored and try to raise money to help find a cure. I believe Lane will be cured in his lifetime. Someday he'll enjoy Halloween! Until then, he's my hero! If you are interested in sponsoring Lane and his family in Walking for a Cure, please contact me by e-mailing me at or come out and walk with us!

Disclaimer - - yes I know that with insulin could have candy but it makes him stomach hurt and his numbers go crazy high and then plummet, please do not e-mail me, telling me that my child could have all the candy he wants.


Jamie D said...

I'm new to your blog, but I'm a friend of the Baker family- I saw you posted there. I will be joining you on the 4th, in Fort Wayne though. I have been diabetic for 25 years, if you'd ever like to let off some steam, I'm all ears!