Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I'm Exhausted...and It's Only Tuesday!

I love that my husband is able to have a good steady job that provides for our family. He makes good money and is great at what he does. But we don't see him. Monday, I worked all day and the boys were in school, after that we went straight home for an early dinner, homework and we were off to the pool. We swam for two hours and then jumped in the we were leaving the pool at 8:00, Todd finally pulled up, we stood outside talking for five minutes and decided that since the boys had done so well at school that day, we would go to McD's for bed snack. As soon as we got home, the boys worked to get the trash to the road. We had the boys in bed before 9 and Todd went to bed with them. I had barely enough energy to clean the kitchen from dinner...and even then, did a sub-standard job! Tonight I will get off work and take the boys straight to the pool, after that we'll head to my mom's house for dinner, homework and a little play time...but where, you ask, is Todd? He will not be home tonight...he will be sleeping in his truck. I feel like a single mom with the extra work of a husband to clean up after, shop for, wash clothes for, and cook for. Don't get me wrong, when he's around he tries to be an exceptional partner, and father...he's just not around. So, where is the balance, how does he balance his time at work and his time at home? How does he take an evening off and not be too tired to take a walk or go swimming with us?