Monday, September 15, 2008

We Applied for A...

A few months back, Lane Michael had a seizure. We were also losing my Dad during that time. We decided then that lil Ethan needed a healthy sibling. It was time to face facts, Lane wouldn't always be healthy, a seizure disorder and diabetes, the combination is scary to say the least. So, we decided then, we would take the fastest route to a healthy child. Someone my boys could go through life with as a sibling. We had previously decided we would take a handicapped child, and would, if we thought we could devote ourselves knowingly to a child who may otherwise be too much for a family. But Lane Michael is enough for me right now. So, we decided that if we are placed with a child, we will take that child and not get pregnant in early 2009, but if we are pregnant, we would not accept any placements at this time. Biological or not doesn't matter to us; this child doesn't need to have my eyes and Todd's nose to be my child. A little girl came up today for adoption one county over, we're applying to be her family. We'll call her A. She's healthy, and one year old. She is beautiful, with black curls that sit on top of her head, in big ringlets.

I am praying for her to have the life GOD intended for her, if she is to be my daughter, to please bring her into my family safely, and if not, lay GODs hands on her family, bless them and keep them. Surround them with mercy and love. But protect A, as she searches for her family, which is no small task, especially for a sweet baby!


Sarah said...

I will pray that everything will work out the way it is intended to. I just can't wait for you and Todd to get the precious child that you both so much deserve.

Marthavmuffin said...

Oh I am so thrilled for you! I hope this little girl is the baby meant for you!