Monday, September 29, 2008

Three Posts in One!

Lane's Sugar Mystery Solved...Just Call Me PI!!
Ok, so Lane started going into the 500s last week...maybe two weeks ago, I changed insulin twice, I upped his insulin, took him to the doctor and have used every trick I know to get his sugar down...we've taken more late night baths and late night walks these past two weeks than in the last two years combined! Every night was filled with some kind of attack on his five year old body. He's cried and fussed (his sugar gives him an extreme PMS feel) he's handled it like a champ and then two nights ago when I pulled the needle from him little body I noticed something was different, there was no insulin on the end of the needle, there's usually a little drop of moisture, but not this time, so I dialed up another unit, sprayed it into the air but nothing insulin was getting thru...five needles later, I found a good one...Lane was only getting insulin about 80% of the time...I have two boxes of bad needles...we could have had a problem on our hands, if not for that little drop of moisture that now tells me so much!! Since then Lane's sugar has been dang near perfect!

What Self Reflection Gets You...or rather me.
I had a lot of "me" time last week. Being in Columbus without a cell phone charger meant that my time wasn't spent talking to everyone from home...usually I enjoy our phone calls but this week I needed "me" time so I was grateful to have it. I came to a lot of conclusions. And it all boils down to a few things that will be changing for me. I am a high maintenance person who has been hiding behind a low maintenance "mom" And mothering is all I've been doing. When Todd went to Iraq, I became a single parent, when he came home (because I am slightly OCD and maybe a little controlling) I remained a single parent...except then I started trying to change him into a man I thought he should be...and it wasn't him. It made him miserable which in turn made me miserable. So this week I've decided that I matter too. I insist on being spoiled...a little. I insist on going shopping, I'm tired of my wardrobe. That will change. I'm tired to being the only partner in my home. I am responsible for the happiness of two people, both of which are under 4 ft. So, I will become more high maintenance, I no longer want reasonable gifts, useful stuff for my kitchen, or the likes...instead I want shiny expensive things that come in small velvet boxes. I want shoes that are cute and that my veterans won't approve of, and I will stop carrying this tote, and go back to a purse...I don't need toys, crayons, movies, shot records and the occasional bottle of OJ in there...I have a car for that! Another change I will make is accepting my DH as he is. I have always struggled with this...we married fast and didn't know as much about each other as we could have...but it worked out and I wouldn't change I have to ask myself why have I been trying to change him. So Friday night we sat up talking about all of this (we are "feelings" kinds of people so this is a huge deal for us, and who knows how it will went well, we were able to say how we felt...I don't talk about feelings and usually think they get in the way of happiness but we needed this one). The next day something had changed for Todd, he was different and I don't know was a good change though...which leads me into my next post

Todd Cleaned House!!!
On Sunday after church, we came home and I told Todd he should take the boys fishing, a good Daddy/Sons day...I could tidy up, he could enjoy a day with his deal. He'd rather help me and we could spend the day together...*hesitant eye roll* ok, if you insist but it would go faster if you would just let me do it...and then my husband said something I've waited five and a half years to hear "Boys, you clean your bedroom and the basement, I'll get the upstairs bathroom, our bedroom, dining room and living room, and Bud you get the kitchen" that's right folks, on cleaning day, I did laundry and the kitchen...ONLY!! In an hour and a half my house was spotless! and the we headed to town where our boys spent half their allowance on a new toy, and then my men took me to the mall to look at jewelry and purses. I shopped until I was done looking...not until all three of them are yelling at each other and being uncontrollable! No, they were great, they held purses up for me to see, they pointed out shoes they liked and no one complained, it was a great day! And we needed it!