Wednesday, February 25, 2009

He should be under 3....

But he's not. He's at 11. The doctor's office just called and said that they had done a blood work up on Lane Michael when he came in for his appointment...they checked a few different things, his thyroid is functioning normally and the cells that attack the thyroid aren't present (this is HUGE and wonderful!), they said an A1C for a non-diabetic person is 4-6 and they like to see their kids at about a 7, Lane as 8.7 so it wasn't as horrible as I thought it was going to be...I expected him WAY higher...he had been off for awhile....but I expect better numbers last time and as I was trying to say good-bye the nurse said to me "well there was one other thing..." ok...they also tested for Celiac disease....he should be under 3 but he was 11...he carries lots of markers for the disease....a disease that he can grow into (much like diabetes)....we always said that if it's going to happen, it's going to happen to Lane always does....he has so many different doctors...born a perfectly healthy baby, no problems, healthy, pink and chubby...and he grew into this special little person who requires so much special now he has an eye surgeon, an endocrinologist, a neurologist, a heart doctor, our family doctor and now a GI specialist...I'm so sad for him. Thankfully at this time he shows no symptoms of the disease, so maybe it will be much like his seizures and lie dormant for the rest of his life. Oh my boy. My sweet little boy.
p.s. just for the record....there's only one orange sized baby currently inhabiting my body.


Sarah said...

Man, poor Lane. But you know what, even tho all this crap is happening to him, it gonna make him an even stronger man. He is gonna grow up and be able to handle anything, not only from experiencing all the medical problems, but from you. You are such an extremely strong woman and your kids will be strong b/c of it. You know they say, God will not give you more than you can handle and girl you and Lane must be able to handle a lot.
PS. I got my Kroger gift card today to be able to donate to fine a cure for Lane!! I will be sure to use it this weekend when I go and buy groceries! Love ya guys!!