Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm Exhausted....ugh.

This weekend to be remembered! Saturday morning, my phone rang (too early) and was one of my clients needing a ride to I called Driver 1, he was in Columbus for the weekend and couldn't take the trip, I called BossMan to see if he could OK the trip, his phone was turned off, I called Driver 2, this would put him over on time for the pay period, I called Driver 3, she had an eye appt but could reschedule it. Phew, I called back my client to let them know that I had secured a ride for them and she would be over shortly, only to be told that they'd hold off on going, so finally I sat in my PJs while attempting to gather the energy to get ready for the day, looking at my too messy house and wondering how it had gotten so bad. When all of a sudden a man appears at the door (I'm not wearing a bra at this point) I dashed up the stairs while Todd answered the door, it was my driver, the driver I had talked to twice in one morning....he has my phone number, why did he come to my messy house before 10am? So I yelled down the stairs that the trip was cancelled and I'd talk to him later...I wanted to tell him never to come to my home without calling first. whatever. This officially made what was going to be a very hard morning into a bad and hard about 11 am my Mom picked me up and we went shopping (I know you're thinking there's nothing hard about that) we were shopping for Dad's graver marker. I have no was boring and awful and it's done. Then she dropped me off for the best part of the Valentines Day present....a massage and manicure, with a tanning packet! Yum! I felt great afterwards and am hoping to get that for my birthday too! LOL! Todd's good to me, good man to have on my side when the chips are down. Then on Sunday after church we headed out of town....and the best part of my weekend MY KIDS CAN SWIM!! Not in a fun lets jump off the diving board kind of way but in a "if they fall of the edge they won't drown" kind of way....and moments after we had decided Lane could go play because we were becomimg more secure, I said "they may not be able to swim confidently but if they fall in they won't drown" Todd said "lets not test that theory" and as soon as he said it, Grant pushed Lane in the pool....I was 2 ft away but he came up, grabbed the ladder and never screamed and didn't need me! He was confident and only slightly scared! I was so proud of my boys....Ethan isn't as confident but would be really good at it if he would trust himself! Good weekend but I'm exhausted! LOL!