Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Interesting how it clicks...

***Politically correct blog following with lots of politically incorrect language...don't be offended, I don't mean you***

I never thought about this before but recently I was reading peoples thoughts on whether in our society children were worth the expense...lets face it, we'll never be financially better off for having children...we aren't allowed to put them to work, and the chances of them caring for us in our old age is well...not likely.....we'll go to a nursing home and pay an arm and a leg for the care that other societies leaves to the children, this is how our society as a whole works, so logically speaking the answer is No children are not worth the cost. But in reading peoples thoughts on the matter one wise person said that it depends on whether you are upper middle or lower class. For movie starts children are more than worth the cost, getting millions for a single photo shoot, worth it! In the lower class people are paid for the number of children they have....more kids more money more benefits....makes sense! But in the middle class there so few financial benefits to having children that people have started having fewer children because they can't afford more mouths to feed, children to dress, medical bills to pay! This person said that if you plant two seeds, and stimulate one with water, sunlight and proper care it will grow, much like society. Our middle class isn't growing and producing more middle class people because the middle class isn't being stimulated....when the lower class is being stimulated it will grow and produce more lower class's easy to go from being a middle class citizen to a low class citizen and can happen so easily but to be born a lower class citizen and work and fight to become a middle class citizen in hard and commendable to say the least! So why is it that this wise person could see this, and I can see it, my friends see it (I'm not trying to speak for anyone so I won't mention names) but our Fearless Mr President can't see it? Food for thought I guess!