Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I don't know how to feel....

Parts of me want to rejoice and parts of me are scared to get at my Dr appt they started out by weighing me...I'm down about 6 lbs from pre-pregnancy...I'm not hungry because I eat, I'm not sick....ever and I feel pretty good...I'm not sure how to explain the weight loss but lets face it, I do have some to lose! LOL! Then we talked about what to expect in the coming months at each appointment and she made an off hand comment about having an NST weekly starting at 30 weeks....that seems like a lot very early! But they said that given my history, it was necessary to see what the babies heart rate is doing during periods of activity....I've never had an Non Stress Test but I trust this Dr completely so I'll do whatever is best for Baby we were wrapping up our questions about Non Stress Tests the nurse took my blood pressure it was 114/84...not bad but a little high for me....hmmm. Then the nurse noticed the cold sore....*sigh* it's big and appears anytime I'm under ANY stress, so they gave me a script for my cold sores so that I can use pregnancy safe meds on them! I'm very thankful for this...I get them often (mainly because I internalize most of my stress). After giving my urine sample I changed into the gown so I could have my Lady Town assaulted, and then the Dr came in. She picked up the heart beat Doppler and said "if we don't find a heartbeat we'll go straight to the ultrasound room" I thought Todd would pass out on the spot, his face went white and he stood up immediately...luckily she found Baby ACs heart beating at a steady 151 quickly and easily...the Dr did a quick check for multiples and proceeded to assault my Girly Bits and Pieces just as I was sitting up there was a knock on the door, Dr yelled to give us a few moments but instead the nurse just yelled from outside the door "+1 protein in her urine" surely they had made a mistake, wrong room, wrong something...but no they meant me....damn. Todd asked what that meant and the Dr told him nothing for now...but I remember too well what that meant with the boys, it meant preeclampsia....I'm too early for preeclampsia...the only cure is to give birth, and the treatments are limiting activity and bedrest...yuck....but again I'll do anything to ensure the arrival of a healthy Baby AC...but just for the record I do hate bed we're praying for it to have been a one time thing...the Dr explained that my kidneys may not be functioning Dad was born with just one kidney and I've never had mine checked....I wonder if I should do that....I also forgot to mention Ethan's cord being a 2 vessel cord instead of a 3 (like most babies)...hmmm, glad I'm going back in 2 weeks!


Sarah said...

If you have any questions about the NST's, I had them every week starting at 30 wks with Chase.
I will pray that everything will be fine at next appt. I'm sure that bedrest would completely suck, I can come over and give ya company if you need it. You said they checked for multiples, well did they find multiples??