Thursday, February 5, 2009

Instructions for Tax Season

This is not an advertisement!

This was the easiest tax year we've EVER had. So I thought I would share my new method, which may work for years to come!
Step 1: expose children to some kind of illness (flu works well and is easy to find during tax season)
Step 2: wait until children are tired and not feeling well
Step 3: take them to H&R Block
Step 4: arrive early so that you have to wait in the waiting area for 10-15 min
Step 5: rock sick children until sleeping
Step 6: lay children out on the floor next to tax consultants desk
Step 7: ignore children so they don't wake up
Step 8: taxes will be done faster and more efficiently because children slept
Step 9: allow H&R Block employees to take pictures of sleeping children to use as an example for other children to observe and mimic

PS I didn't expose the boys to the flu on purpose so that we could do our taxes, it just worked out to our advantage!


Sarah said...

LOL! That is too funny!