Friday, February 6, 2009

I want to....but I can't

This weekend would be perfect for me to get started in Baby ACs room....I have LOTS to do...I don't mean I have a few things to work on here and there....I mean I have a TON to do! The only thing that is set up in there is the changing table....I have two just can't stay, two rocking just can't stay! The pac-n-play...maybe that should go to my Moms and be set up permanently only taken down to travel....which Todd wants to do soon after Baby AC makes his/her arrival...I would want to if I lived 3 states from my family, so to Missouri we will go. Hopefully he will wait long enough that it won't be miserable hot! I have clothes to sort...lots of clothes to sort and Baby ACs dresser needs painted and moved....right now it's residing in Todd's garage...waiting oh so patiently to be painted....I think I'll go with painting it white and finishing it to match either the pink or the blue depending on Baby ACs gender....but anyways, I want to get it painted so that I can get the neutral clothes in it and stack the gender specific boxes on top...none of this will happen this weekend! It's warm enough to paint but Todd has drill, so I'm getting to spend Saturday and Sunday with my Mom...which is WAY overdue! But nothing on the Baby to do list will get