Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sick Again...

Lane Michael got sent home from school today....the diabetic aide called today and said that while his numbers were fine, she couldn't get him to eat, he wasn't complaining, and was doing everything he was told to do but he was green...I asked if she meant gray but no she meant green. He wasn't eating, wasn't feeling well and spent lots of time in the bathroom....what I forgot was that he gagged three times before he left the house this morning....but he looked good, ate breakfast and did everything I asked the first mom is with him....I feel bad because she worries over him....she doesn't let him just rest in a neighboring room, she sits where ever he is, she's nervous that he'll have a seizure and she won't get to him or hear him in time to bring him out of it quickly. When Todd and I were fighting over where to live (while we were getting out of the Army) I knew in my gut that Ohio had the best support system we could want and that Ohio is the best option for us....I knew that sometime in the future I may need a support system...I knew that because my family told me so....I didn't know how right they would be but now I do, now I know how much easier life is with a good support system in place, I know that I couldn't live anywhere but here and that God brought us here because this is where my children need to be. A few years back Todd and I discussed the possibilty of moving to Missouri, but we couldn't do that to the boys.....this is where we have to be....when Todd talked about going back to the Army, my Mom (jokingly) said that she and Lane Michael would write to us often, but behind the joke lies so much truth, he couldn't leave her. He couldnt have life any other way. Ethan is so easy going that the only person he "requires" in his life is Lane....oh my, how nice it is to be home!


Corrine said...

Poor boy.
I hope he feels better soon. Boy, a lot of junk going around, huh?

Sarah said...

Hope Mr Lane Michael gets to feeling better.
Yea, I think your mom would be lost without the boys!! Plus, Lane would be lost without her.