Thursday, February 12, 2009

Their Personalities Shine!

This week is the obvious and much loved Valentines's hard to be a boy on Valentines Day. Unless of course you're Lane...Lane loves this holiday and is all about the love! Lane hasn't wanted nothing more than to be the Daddy of his own family for as long as I can remember. He has his children named and is constantly looking for a suitable girl! He's written her first love note and had his first girlfriend at age 3. So this is HIS holiday! Although he refers to it as Thanksgiving. So for his Thanksgiving box he decided he wanted a zoo. Easy enough....except when you're looking for a zoo keeper to glue to the top...we got the animal stickers (a lion, tiger, hipo, crocodile, cheetah, and a panda) we put them in cages and across the top wrote LANE'S ZOO, we finally tracked down a suitable zoo keeper (FIVE DAMN DOLLARS) and glued him in place. And to make it more Thanksgiving-ish we wrote XOXO on the top of the box. He loves it and it's adorable! Then there's Ethan....he has yet to acknowledge the existence of a girl and would rather kick one than kiss one...he refuses to believe that we may have a daughter because it would be of the female species...undesirable to say the least...he wants to make a trade for Baby D (a friends baby boy). Anyways, Ethan has taken a liking to skateboarding...he loves it, he wants to go to the skate park but since it's too cold and there's snow and ice he can' he skates in my the upstairs hall, in the bathroom, the laundry room and my kitchen...he loves it and is pretty good at it. So for his Valentines Day box he wanted a skate park. I designed it, Todd made it and it is INCREDIBLE! I don't know how we'll ever top this! It's awesome! I'll get pictures because it's so cool! We took 2 cereal boxes (cut in half) taped them to a hard piece of cardboard, and put a thin piece bent between the two cereal boxes, then we glued a lil man on the ramp, Todd did an awesome job of constructing it, Ethan's proud to have helped...I wish he could have helped more but he wanted it to be perfect....whatever! It's awesome! Happy Valentines/Thanksgiving Day!