Thursday, September 4, 2008

Knowing the Gender

I don't want to know the gender of our next baby...We have clothes, and crib sets for either gender...So why find out...except that my husband wants to know. So he will, and I will not. We will not shop for baby together, he will set up the nursery with the door closed and we will decide names before birthday, and after Baby Skaggs is born, he will proudly announce to me that the baby is a ___________. And introduce to me our precious addition. I will carry our baby and he will introduce him/her to me. I will nickname the baby Joey, because it's cute and it's not a name option, so it's not like it will give away the gender, my mom doesn't want to know either, but people can choose to know...or not. Kids will not be told, and if they are they will be told not to tell me...which would be hard for a kid which is why I don't want kids to know (and I will be disappointed if someone leaks), I'm hoping jump on board and have fun with this, whichever side of the coin they're on...I'm thinking of wearing a button to family gatherings that says "I don't know, don't want to, if you do, ask Todd but keep it to yourself" Or something along those lines...I might even have a maternity shirt made up saying that...and wear it often. The only way this will change for me is if we're having twins...I want to know what twins are so that I could plan appropriately! teeheehee this will be fun!