Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Smart A$$!!

My kids are great...really they are. Most of the time. They're both witty in their own way, Lane Michael thinks before he speaks but not before he acts, Ethan doesn't think about anything in advance, All impulse all the time! So last night when I was telling the boys we were going to go to the Y before dinner it surprised me when Lane Michael threw caution to the wind and said "it'll be nice when you get back in shape" What?!?!? Did that really come out of my five year old!?!? I asked what he knew about getting in shape and he said I should run more and take better care of myself so that I can take care of him...I'd like to know who's been preaching at my child! Then he says to me "after you're done exercising, we need to go to the store, we're out of yeast and I want some bread for breakfast" WHAT!?!?! How does he know we're out of yeast? He looked before he left for school in the morning! My five year old is a culinery nerd! Ethan chimes in that while we're at the store he would like a soda please. NO!! If I have to take care of myself, you have to take care of yourself! So, since my children have now noticed that I need to take better care of me, I guess it's time to get back to the track! Besides, I'm getting a new wardrobe and I'd like to be one size smaller when we go shopping! I love shopping! I especially want to get new work clothes...I am 26 and work with mostly old men...90% of my clients are men (veterans - - WWII, Korea and Viet Nam) and a vast majority of them have a problem with a woman in my position, I'm ok with that but because of it, I have started to dress more masculine because they respond better to me that way...but I have now been in my position long enough that they know me, are used to me and will respond to me, maybe even request me. It's a good feeling but now I have to dress like I belong here. I also need some play group of friends is rather diverse, some are t-shirts and others are "outfits" kinds of people (I'm somewhere in the middle)...I'd like to be an "outfit kind of girl"complete with accessories and cute shoes and purses. If we're going to have a little girl, I need to be able to model for her, what a girl dresses like and even for my boys I need to model for them what to look for in a my marriage I try to think about what we're teaching our children about marriage and partnership when dealing with any situation. I blame my Mom for my spending habits. She never spent money on her, my Dad however has a million toys, always did...she never (I mean that literally) told him no. He had more guns, tools and cars when he passed than any man should. I think I may have learned this from my Mom. My DH gets what he asks for...I may make him wait a few years but eventually he gets the 4-wheeler, he gets the Mustang, the 12 guns, the tools, the Ipod, the Blackberry (I don't even know if that's the word I want) but my point is I want to be a better model for my kids when it comes to financial decisions. Now, I have to say, I had the best childhood ever, we traveled about 3 times a year (my Dad traveled with work) and I never wanted for anything...there's only one thing I can think of that I wanted and didn't was a stuffed dog, but if that's the only thing I was denied...I think I'm doing pretty good!

Wow, this post is all over the place - - sorry for the inconsistency!