Monday, February 4, 2008


My husband has been waiting 22 years for a 4-wheeler and this weekend he finally got one. He's been on it ever since and bless his heart because he got his 4-wheeler, he's volunteered to help me out and clean the house we all know that most men don't do the cleaning job that usually needs done but if he even gets the majority done I can come behind and vaccuum and dust and do the down and dirty cleaning. I was sick yesterday...I think it was sinuses but it caused an ocular migraine...I get these from time to time. I can't handle light (especially natural light) and I have to pretty much sleep it eyes water and my nose's just messy and miserable...but the good thing is it only lasts about 24 hours, which makes it not so bad! Anyways, we have our homestudy coming up on the 15th, the house isn't bad but I'd like to have certain things done by then...I know I won't get them all done but we have a finished basement and behind the family room is a storage room and I'd like that to get organized...we have all of our military uniforms down there, our decorations, my doll collection, and much much more down there, we have our emergency pantry, and both furnaces and the hot water heater...not to mention stuff that really just needs thrown in the trash...then we have an attic that has our gun safe and Todd's child hood memorablia and stuff that we could live without but my husband refuses to...then in the garage attic we have the rest of my doll collection (it's huge) and more Christmas much storage does one family really need? At any rate I'd like to get organized so last night after my family went to bed I started...all I got done was some much needed laundry and I got the infant car seat and stroller moved upstairs plus all the diapers we had for Braden are now in the nursery instead of the basement...needless to say it's slow going! I have so much to do tonight that I'm not sure where to start...I'd like Todd to help but he works SO many hours that I always feel bad asking...not so bad that I won't ask though!

It seems like everyone in my family is pregnant right cousin's wife is due this month, I have a cousin due this month, another cousin due next month, my sister is due in April and my poor cousin just lost her first...she had a first trimester miscarriage this month. She feels very respoinsible...I wish I could just tell her that it's not her fault...but I remember that feeling...I was lucky enough to have my sister (who lost 3 babies) there to tell me to expect the blame to come and I could recognize it and it's self destructive pattern. I want to be that person for her...she will be such a good mom. I'll call her. She'd been trying for six months and was SO excited to finally be pregnant...I just want to makes things ok...and no one can...I want to be here for her. Please pray for my cousin as she goes through this!