Wednesday, February 20, 2008

never ending!

Ok, so for those who don't know I'll give them time table of the never ending DRAMA in my life:
10/06 - husband laid off from great job
10/06 - Lane diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at age 3
11/06 - father in law diagnosed with progressive MS
12/06 - sister and fiance (good guy) break up...on Christmas day!
01/07 - our baby Braden was still born
03/07 - my dad diagnosed with cancer
06/07 - dad has cancer surgery - now has cancer in liver and lungs
09/07 - I'm diagnosed with thyroid tumors
11/07 - I have thyroid removed - 12+ tumors and no cancer (happy dance here)
1/08 - my dad's scan shows more cancer - inopperable
2/08 - dad starts very aggressive and miserable chemo

and today...we find out Ethan may have juvenile thyroid disease! He has to have blood work done and then he'll have a bone scan to see if his bones are as old as he is...hopefully he's just small like his daddy...but his daddy was a big guy at this age...I come from a big family...we're big why is little Ethan only in the 10th % for his age...I know God is taking care of him but maybe this is God's way of making sure he gets the attention every kid needs... I don't know. We aren't putting off the adoption until we find out how serious this is...if it's just a daily medication then it's no problem but if it's something more then we may not be able to...that would break my heart...I want this baby so bad but I need for my kids to have all the attention they need. I have to be level headed and make the best decision for my whole family! And I have to remember that I can only divide my time so far...maybe Todd does need to come off the road if this turns into something serious....But for now we're thinking positive! I'm sure he'll be fine!


Sarah said...

Oh Lynne, my heart truely goes out to you. You know what they say, God doesn't give you more than you can handle. I know, that it has been so much lately, but you are such a strong lady. You handle everything like such a champ and seem to keep on trucking. I'm sure Ethan will be fine, after all he is his mom's son. If you need anything at all, I mean anything, just give me a call. I am here for you, even if it is just to talk. We can go out for lunch or anything. Girl, you are in my thoughts and prayers. Let me know what you find out. Lots of love!!