Thursday, February 28, 2008

It can always get worse!

It can...I promise! Last night my grandma took a care flight to Columbus for emergency surgery, there's a tear in her aorta that runs from the inside of her heart clear to her kidney...yep. But once she was there, they decided that because of the location of the tear they wouldn't do surgery, they have a medication that they can try to use to close the tear...which is very good news. My poor Grandma Sweet is in so much pain!

In other news, I was so happy with Ethan's test results...but it turns out that high potassium has the potential to be oh so bad! He could have diabetes or worse yet kidney failure! The males in my family have kidney dad and some of the other males in the family were born with just one kidney...very bad if we're faced with kidney failure! But as of right now he's ok! I'm scared for my little man but I'm sure he'll be fine...right?


Sarah said...

He will be fine!! Ethan may be little, but I'm sure he is one strong little man!! I will keep him in my prayers. Along with Grandma Sweet and also your little niece. Sorry, couldn't remember how to spell it. Hang in there girl, things will get better!! I'm here if you need me, just a phone call away!